1) BUYER’S PREMIUM - A buyer’s premium equal to 19% will be added to all winning bids.  For example, the winner of a lot selling for a high bid of $1,000.00 will be billed $1,190.00 (plus sales tax, if applicable).  A 3% discount will be given to all who pay with cash, check, or certified payment.

2) REGISTRATION – All bidders must register with Vintage Nonsports Auctions to receive a User ID and Password in order to bid in our auctions.  Clicking on the “Register” link will allow you to register for the first time.  Registration is required only once and your ID and Password will be valid for all future auctions. New bidders may be asked to provide credit card information as a guaranteed form of payment.

3) BIDDING – Where available, all auctions will have a preview period of generally 3-5 days before bidding begins.  Once the preview is finished, the auction will open for bidding.  The auction is available for bidding 24 hours per day.  The auction will open on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024 at 12:00 PM EST.  It will close Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 10:00 PM EST.  At that time, each lot will go into extended bidding.  All lots will end individually.  Once the lot receives no bids within a 30 minute period, the system will automatically close the lot.  You must have bid on a lot prior to the initial closing at 10:00 PM EST, Sunday, June 30, 2024 to be able to bid during the extended bidding period. 

Maximum (or up to) bids will be executed by the auction software on your behalf for any maximum bids left.  Straight bidding may be employed at your discretion to increase bids to any point equal to or higher than the current next bid level.  Please ensure you know the difference between a straight bid and an "up to" bid.  If you employ a straight bid at a level higher than intended, please contact us immediately.

4) RESERVES AND MINIMUM BIDS – All items in the auction have a minimum bid.  This is the amount where the item must begin bidding.  We will rarely have items that will be auctioned on reserve.  If we do, those items will be noted as such in the auction description in bold type to ensure there are no issues.

5) BIDDING INCREASES – Bidding Increases will be in increments of 10% below $10,000 and 5% above $10,000.  There are no exceptions to the bid raise amounts.

6) AUTO (OR MAX) BIDDING – As stated previously in #3, auto or max bidding levels will be executed by the auction software without any knowledge by Vintage Nonsports Auctions or anyone associated with our company.  Auto bids, as with any bids, do not include the 19% buyer’s premium, so be sure to factor that in when setting any type of auto or max bid.  Auto bids will only be executed to the point of the next bid from where the current bid stands.

7) OUTBID NOTICES – Outbid notifications are sent via email and contain links to the auction item on which a bidder has been outbid.  These notifications are sent immediately upon being outbid via the auction software and email.  Vintage Nonsports Auctions will not be held liable for any issues with email issues.  Viewing the auction item in real time on the auction software is the best way to ensure bids placed are still held.  Always ensure spam folder settings are such that you receive emails for outbids and other auction communication.  

8) CONDITION – Vintage Nonsports Auctions does everything in our power to accurately and completely describe auction items and lots.  We make every attempt to be conservatively accurate in our grading assessment.  In addition, we provide very large photos scanned at 3-400 DPI for almost all of our lots.  When viewing lots, click on the item photo and then click on the magnifying glass for the largest possible scan of the item in question.  Please take the time to review the item and contact us via email, phone or text about any further details you may need about a given lot.  Please make every attempt to do this before the final day of auction closing as that will always be a busy day. 

9) SHIPPING – Shipping on regular items will almost always be made via USPS, FedEx or UPS.  Shipping will be applied at a reasonable rate on all shipments.  All invoices will not be available for shipping until COMPLETE payment is made on the invoice.  We will ship as quickly as possible but allow for up to fourteen days to receive your goods after payment is received.  This will typically be the outlier but will be possible depending on the form of payment and timing.  All lots will be fully insured for shipment and that will be reflected in the rate you pay.  We do not use shipping as a profit center.  In instances where actual shipping is significantly less than paid shipping, you will receive a refund via check or PayPal.  On larger items or heavier lots of items, please contact us in advance if you are unsure about what shipping will be.  We will make every effort ahead of time to give you an idea of excess shipping fees.  Items requiring special or extra shipping will be noted as such in the descriptions.

10) OVERSEAS SHIPPING – We will almost always use the USPS for shipping overseas.  We will used trackable shipping whenever possible, and, if possible, insured shipping.  Insured shipping overseas is significantly more expensive and often even unavailable.  All invoices and all shipments will have full purchase value noted as such on any customs paperwork.  We will not change amounts to skirt laws of import countries.  Please do not ask.

11) AFTER THE AUCTION – Auction results will be forwarded via email within 24-48 hours from the close of the auction.  All auction results are maintained online by auction in perpetuity for future reference.  Bidders and Consignors will be notified of the results by lot after the auction is completed.  This is just notification of the winning bid amounts.  Shipping, Insurance and any other fees will be noted on the invoice emailed to you.

12) INVOICING -  Invoices are generally completed by mid-day on the day following the auction close.  Invoices are due upon receipt with payment due no later than fourteen days from the date of the invoice.  Payments are accepted via check or money order or via PayPal.  Credit cards are accepted through the PayPal portal.  Personal Checks will be held until fully cleared.  If you are a repeat bidder or known to Vintage Nonsports Auctions, this option may be waived.

13) RETURN POLICY - We accept returns in the case of errors in our description. We must be notified within 24 hours of your receipt. All returns will be credited towards any future auction. There are no returns for graded cards.

14) RIGHT OF REFUSAL -  We reserve the right to accept, refuse or cancel a bid by any bidder for any reason.  Notification will be sent to the bidder.

15) AUTOGRAPHS – Vintage Nonsports Auctions offers autographs from time to time. We only sell autographs that have certification from reputable autograph experts; Vintage Nonsports Auctions does not employ an autograph grader so we rely solely on the certificates provided by these individuals to verify authenticity. Vintage Nonsports Auctions does not express an opinion about an autograph, and relies on the opinions expressed by the person who examined the autograph, which will be noted on the auction lot. Vintage Nonsports Cards Auctions also rely on 3rd party grading of cards and bidders understand that their sole recourse of any dispute of a graded card is with the grading company that graded it.

16) HOUSE BIDDING- Vintage Nonsports Cards Auctions does not employ house bidding on any lots in the auction, nor are consignors allowed to bid on their own lots via the auction software.  Anyone caught bidding on their own lots using a pseudonym or via another account will be banned from bidding in the future.  

17) ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS - Placing a bid constitutes acceptance of the terms outlined above.